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Josef Klein has been preparing his artistic photographic portfolio for approximately thirty years. His works have included all photographic formats including 8x10 and 4x5, utilizing Sinar equiptement with Rodenstock and Schneider lenses. He also uses Hasselblad equiptment for medium format, beleiving that this is the finest medium format equiptment. He has great confidence in the Zeiss lenses in the Hasselblad line. He uses Nikon and Canon equiptment for 35 mm format. Most of his endeavors were devoted to traditional black and white photography, developing and printing in his complete darkroom. Recently he has incorporated digital cameras and printing into his reportage. This has opened a world of color, and allowed him to view his sublects from a different perspective. Josef favors larger prints, believing that there is a sense of fine detail and presence, that is not possible with smaller prints. All of his works have a quality, that there seems to be an inner glow of light associated with his prints, inviting the viewer to enter into the photograph. Along with traditional printing techniques, he now uses fine watercolor rag papers as well as an Epson 7800 printer. He chose the Epson printer, because of the archival quality of their Ultra Chrome printing inks. This process is an accepted archival technique, that permits an extended permanence to color photography that was previously impossible.